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Send a Nice flowers arrange for Flowers for Shop Opening, Exhibition, Office Shop Relocation

12 Gerberas Presentation Box
-13 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3486
12 Gerberas Presentation Box ..
HK$760.00 HK$660.00
18pcs Roses Bouquet 18pcs Roses Bouquet
-11 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3567
18pcs Roses Bouquet, more special than send a one dozen roses bouquet ..
HK$879.00 HK$779.00
30pcs Large Mixed Color Tulips Bouquet
-23 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3464
We proudly present our 30-piece Large Mixed Color Tulips arrangement in a vase, sourced directly from the tulip fields of Holland. Each week, we carefully select these vibrant tulips to create a masterpiece suitable for various occasions. For birthdays, these tulips bring a burst of color to the ..
HK$1,330.00 HK$1,030.00
38 Rose Arrangement in Crystal Vase
-20 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3457
38 Rose Arrangement in Crystal Vase ..
HK$1,230.00 HK$980.00
48 Premium Rose
-23 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3490
48 Premium Rose ..
HK$1,730.00 HK$1,330.00