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Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids are the largest family of blooming flowers with over 100,000 varieties. The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times. It symbolizes Love, Beauty,Thoughtfulness and Charm. While all orchids symbolize love and beauty, the color of the orchid can change the intended meaning of the flower. Red orchids: passion and desire, but can also symbolize strength and courage; Pink orchids: grace, joy and happiness and can also symbolize innocence and femininity; White orchids : represent reverence and humility, innocence and purity and elegance and beauty; Purple orchids: admiration, respect and dignity. Nowadays, Orchids usually use for the special event or festival like shop opening, Lunar New Year or moving to the new office etc. We have enough stock on each color of flowers as all the flowers are fresh which arrival from oversea supplier everyday. Our flower shop can arrange the same day delivery, so you can place the order online in the same day as well for any emergency caused.

Brand: Ecuador Rose Garden Model: HKF-2677
Two Steam Taiwan Orchids with Fillers arrangement..
HK$630.00 HK$600.00
3pcs Taiwan Pink Color Orchids
-10 %
Brand: Holland Tulips Garden Model: HKF-2698
3pcs Taiwan Pink Color Orchids arrangement, good for business, new year or Secretary's Day..
HK$960.00 HK$860.00
Brand: Ecuador Rose Garden Model: HKF-2681
Three Taiwan Orchids with Fillers arranged in a classical pot..
HK$860.00 HK$830.00
8 Stems Pink Color Phalaenopsis Orchid 8 Stems Pink Color Phalaenopsis Orchid
-15 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3615
8 Stems Pink Color Phalaenopsis Orchid ..
HK$2,080.00 HK$1,768.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3432
Amethyst Phalaenopsis Orchid ..
HK$630.00 HK$580.00
Brand: Rose Garden Model: HKG-2884
Three Phalaenopsis Orchid is the best flowers for Shop Opening, Grand Opening, Ceremony and Chinese New Year, this Taiwan purple Phalaenopsis Orchid means happy, lucky and prosperous. ..
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3434
Florists Choice Mixed Bouquet ..
HK$780.00 HK$730.00
Four Stem White Phalaenopsis Orchid
-24 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3433
White Phalaenopsis Orchid ..
HK$1,430.00 HK$1,080.00
Brand: Rose Garden Model: HKG-2882
One Phalaenopsis Orchid in white color nicely arranged in a ceramic pot. white Phalaenopsis Orchid means natural, it's suitable for any occasion, the orchis is long lasting because it comes from Taiwan. ..
Brand: Ecuador Rose Garden Model: HKF-2652